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Ch. Fas Lupus Bohemia Genao
Dayen Sotis

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I visited Bonnie and her babies in thir home in Hradek yesterday. First slow playing and biting is on and they are very cute. I made photo of each baby, so you can look at them.

Three weeks old commandos
PF 2010
Merry Christmas from Střípek snů kennel.   Jarka

Puppies are doing very good!. Photos are at our rajče gallery.

Bonnie a miminka

   Litter "C" Střípek snů:

   was born 6.12.2009
   Dam Bonnie z Kopáčkova dvora
   Sire Czambor z Vlčího dubu

They have 2 boys and 5 girls.

>> pedigree <<

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Baghira Grey Střípek snů has a website too.

News from our puppies:

Alucard Grey Střípek snů  -  HD A(0/0),  ED 0-0 

Arwen Grey Střípek snů  -  HD E(4/4)  
Arwen went through a very difficult operation as a puppy and nearly died. She is lucky to be here with us.
It was non-hereditable.
Unfortunately, Arwen had problems to recover. She didn't grow up since the operation, stayed very tiny.
This could be a partial cause for her HD result.

Bonnie z Kopáčkova dvora

Bonnie is in good condition a we're looking for the babies :-)

Bea Luna won't have puppies this year.
But I was very nicely surprised that maybe Birky will.

According to a sono, Bonnie's awaiting several babies!  :-)

As usual, I prepared pedigree with photos of our "C" litter.


National Dogshow Brno:
     Butch Grey Střípek snů - Baby class - Very Promising

Berteora Grey Střípek snů has also got a website:

Rodiče vrhu "C" - Bonnie a Czambor
litter "C" - Bonnie a Czambor


We're expecting puppies!  Puppies from litter "C" Grey Střípek snů are available to be picked up in January 2010 and Fas Lupus gets a very nice sixth birthday present - grandchildren :-)

Bonitation at Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, CZ, 3.10.2009:
What a nice day to meet my puppies and their owners. Espacially to see there Beata and Bona, too young to do the youth bonitation yet.
Bonnie z Kopáčkova dvora made her bonitation at ease. Already bonitated Barry z Kopáčkova dvora and Alucard arrived with Vojta and Lenka. It's nice to meet a family.

Bonnie z Kopáčkova dvora  -  A62 F2 Og P3 / Xv 54,8 Xf 114,5   DKK A(0/0)   chovná I.

Special dogshow Jevišovice 2009: There were 79 dogs and four of them were children of my Fas Lupus Bohemia Genao.

Alucard Grey Střípek snů middleclass Excellent 1, CAC, Club Champion nomination (ČKŠ)
Aremi Grey Střípek snů middleclass Excellent 2, Res.CAC
Avabil Grey Střípek snů open class     Very Good, 5th place in work championship class ZZO
Bonnie z Kopáčkova dvora      winner class    Excellent 1, CAC, Club Champion nomination (ČKŠ)

Avabil Grey Střípek snů and his owner started dogtraining very recently. And they were now in 5th place in work championship of Czech kennel club, class ZZO. Congratulation!

New puppies:
litter "C" Střípek snů
Bonnie z Kopáčkova dvora
x Czambor z Vlčího dubu. Should be born in November/December 2009.

litter "A" ze Svitu luny
Bea Luna z Kopáčkova dvora x Iran Zemplínská oblasť

Dayen Sotis
Dayen Sotis

Some of my puppies have websites :-)




Dayen Sotis - HD A(0/0), ED 0-0
Aremi Grey Střípek snů - HD A(0/0), ED 0-0
Avabil Grey Střípek snů - HD C(0/2), ED 0-0




We're looking for a new home for adult girl Birky z Kopáčkova dvora.
She is 2 years old, HD A(0/0), ED 0-0.
Sire: Ch.Fas Lupus Bohemia Genao, HD A
Dam: Dizzy Chlumecké podzámčí, HD A
For more info:
Birky already found her new home.

All of our puppies found their new owners.

New photos.

More photos in external gallery - first time at the garden and a first plate of meat.


12th June 2009: Dayen gave a birth to 11 puppies in the evening.

They are 4 boys and 7 girls.

You can find photos at

Some girls are available.

Dayen is preparing to give a birth in two weeks. In the meantime, Klára gave on-line wonderful videos of Aremi :


Fas Lupus and Dayen together.

We're looking forward to our little wolfpups.  

Take a look at
puppies' pedigree with photos of the ancestors

Dayen a Vlček
Dayen a Vlček


Dayen Sotis and Fas Lupus Bohemia Genao are awaiting puppies.

Litter "B" Grey Střípek snů is going to be born in June 2009. Puppies can be picked up in July.

Dayen - bonitace povahy


We've got quite a number of family members at Jevišovice bonitation. I do a bonitation with my Dayen and also Fas Lupus' children from his both litters arrived.
Just a litte note for now and photos will follow.
I perssonally thanks all my "puppies" owners.

Youth bonitation:
   Aremi Grey Střípek snů - A69 K1 Og P1
   Aira Grey Střípek snů - A60 K1 Oh P1

   Dayen Sotis - A62 Of P1 /  Xv 54,8 Xf 114,5

Bea Luna z Kopáčkova dvora    A66 Oi P3 / Xv 56,1 Xf 112,1 DKK A(0/0)   DLK 0-0   chovná I.
Barry z Kopáčkova dvora A70 D5,12 Od P5 /  Xv 51,4 Xf 107    DKK A(0/0)   DLK 0-0   chovný I.
Birky z Kopáčkova dvora A63,5 Of P1 / Xv 55,1 Xf 111,8 DKK A(0/0)   DLK 0-0   chovná I.

Arwen Grey Střípek snů


Arwen Grey Střípek snů sucesfully done youth bonitation at Roudnice nad Labem, CZ:
A58,5 K1 Of P1.

Photo from the age of 9 months.

Some time ago, Anna asked me in my guestbook if my wolfdogs like pomeranians and if pomeranians aren't afraid of the wolfdogs. Actually they play together and when poms puppies came especially Dayen loved them very much.

Dayen a špiclíci Dayen a špiclíci

Dayen at DUOCACIB 2009

Alucard Grey Střípek snů - V2
Dayen Sotis - V2
Bonnie z Kopáčkova dvora V2, Res.CAC

You can see more about Alucard at his new website. His co-owner Vojta Kouřil works and lives at highschool in Brno with Alucard. So there is plenty of jokes Alucard has done. But the website is only in czech.

And also Aremi has his new website with very nice photos.

Dayen will go for her HD a ED x-rays very soon.

PF 2009
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