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Ch. Fas Lupus Bohemia Genao
Dayen Sotis

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I met Darienne Grey Střípek snů in Brno at X-rays at MVDr.Snášil. We have another perfectly healthy girl - HD A/A, ED 0/0, DM N/N. :-)

Puppies are a pack of self-esteeemed, beautiful cubs. Meet for example Honey. She is show quality puppy, with wonderfull bright eyes - but shame on me, eyes are not much visible on photos.

Honey Grey Střípek snů


Babies from "H" litter are 3 weeks old and growing without any problem. Visitors are already coming to them. Puppies have a whole world to discover by their newly opened eyes... Boys have names Harry, Hart and Hornet, girls are Harmony Akira, Helen, Helter-Skelter, Honey and Hope.

Babies from this litter are already reserved. Next litter will be Dayen's in spring 2013, reservations available.

4.11.2012 is the day when Fas Lupus Bohemia
Genao became great-grandfather. :-)

Cordy Grey Střípek snů and Baladin ArQeVa
have 8 puppies born,
     3 boys and 5 girls - litter "H" Grey Střípek snů.     

>> photogallery <<
"H" Grey Střípek snů

Cordy před porodem

1. 11. 2012
Waiting for Cordy's first babies is almost at the end.
Now just wait for the last few days, maybe hours... our soon-to-be mother is doing great. Her family took some days off the work and Cordy loves it. It's raining outside and she is sleeping at home, making jokes of restless people around :-))

Good luck, Cordy!
>> photos of parents <<

Cordy was oficially tested for DM with result N/N - negative.

Although we usually don't post all results, all our litters are tested and no DM affected puppy is able to be born in this kennel.

13. 10. 2012
Bonitation and youth bonitation at Frydlant nad Ostravici, CZ.
... coming soon ...
>> Photos from Frydlant <<

8. 10. 2012
I prepared pedigree for "H" litter (for now without photos, I will add them later). Puppies are going to be born in November.

29. 9. 2012
National dog show Brno, CZ, judge Josef Němec (CZ):

Bady Grey Střípek snů - open class - Excellent 1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, Nationa Winner
Ch. Fas Lupus Bohemia Genao - veteran class - Excellent 1, Best Veteran
Grey on Grey Střípek snů - puppy class - Very promissing 3

I add some new photos to the G litter gallery. Babies are fine, large and you know what's the best thing about them? They have nice, open characters. :-)

Cordy is pregnant, there were babies on the ultrasound. :-)
Babies are going to be born in the November, reservations available: +420 731 182 977 (English only on the phone),

3. 9. 2012
New babies on the way. :-) Born in November.

"H" Střípek snů:

Baladin Cordy
Baladin ArQeVa Cordy Grey Střípek snů

HD A(0/0), ED 0-0, DM N/N (ČZU Prague)
A70 Of P1 Xv55,7 Xf108,6

>> Baladin's photos <<

Best Puppy, 3x Youth Winner, 2x BOB, Best Junior,
4x CAC, 3x CACIB, 2x res.CACIB, CWC, CACA,
BIS National breeds 2., res.CAC,
Junior Grand Prix Slovakia Winner

HD A(0/0), ED 0-0
A65 Oh P1 Xv55,4 Xf109,2

>> Cordy's photos <<

>> Baladin & Cordy together <<


21. 7. 2012
Užovka měla před týdnem 4 měsíce. Kousek od nás se každoročně koná velmi hezky organizovaná výstava v Žebětíně a když Úže už může, tak jsme vyrazily. Posuzoval pan rozhodčí Vondrouš a závěrečné soutěže paní Jílková. Užovčina milá, sluníčková povaha byla okouzlující:

Grey on Grey Střípek snů - female, baby class - Very promissing 1, Best Baby in Show - Regional Show Zebetin, CZ

No prostě co dodat, mám velikou radost. :-))))

Grey on Grey Střípek snů - Užovka

14. 7. 2012
Ch. Fas Lupus Bohemia Genao's son Akron Diamond Tichý stín got Excellent 1, CAJC, Best of Juniors, so he needs only last CAJC for czech juniorchampionship. Way to go, our boy! :-)



16. 6. 2012
Bona Grey Střípek snů made her bonitation today.
Daughter of Ch.Fas Lupus Bohemia Genao and Dayen Sotis.
Congratullation! And together with her owner, we are looking forward to have puppies.

HD A(0/0), ED 0/0
A62 Oh P3 Xv54.8 Xf108.9

And before puppies are born Bona is going to continue in her rescue training.

13. 5. 2012
Last puppy from G litter left today. So, puppies, goodbye and have a good life. :-)
Užovka (Grey on Grey, "the grass snake") stays at home now and we will see if she stay for good or I will find the a good home at some breeder. She is the only girl who stayed in Czech Republic. You could meet her at Club Show in Jevisovice this week. Toothy and I-am-everywhere puppy runs from every dog and person to the other. She just cannot figure with who shoud be the best to play now. And paper box torn apart in club room and uncle Stepan were also a lot of fun.
New member of "Piece of Dreams" family is also her brother Ghost Rider, large puppy boy with long legs, who lives just one street from us.

5. 5. 2012
For owners of my wolfdogs:
Owners of my B, D, E, F and G litter have an e-mail waiting in their mailbox. If you don't get a mail from me, please write me. :-)

19 dní

30. 3. 2012
Se zadáváním štěňátek nerada spěchám. Nikdy nevíte, co se může stát, zvlášť když je vrh velmi početný. Ale opět jsme spolu s Dayenkou zvládli odchovat všechna štěňátka. :-)

There are new photos in gallery.

28. 3. 2012
Štěňátkům jsou 2 týdny.
Už koukají, s většími či menšímu pády chodí a začínají si hrát. Hezky reagují na podněty - když na ně mluvím, zakoukají se a vrtí ocásky, jdou prozkoumávat ruce. Jo, a někteří už také umí krásně výt.

G Grey Střípek snů


Sunday, 11th March 2012,
10 puppies, litter "G" Grey Střípek snů was born to
Dayen Sotis and Cäsar von der Wolfsschleife.
6 boys and 4 girls

Mommy and babies are doing great. :-)


6. 3. 2012
The waiting for puppies is almost over, but the last days and hours are always the longest ones. I wish Dayen to have it easy. And I wish babies to be healthy and strong.

All puppies from litter "F" are already in their new homes.

11. 2. 2012
Babies are 50 days old, so they started to go out to see the world. But then quickly back to house, because this cold winter weather is nothing comfortable for a small puppy.

9. 2. 2012
Hoorah, Dayen is pregnant! We were at sono today.
Sire of the litter "G" is dog from Germany with Slovakian ancestors, Cäsar von der Wolfsschleife. This litter is going to be his first in Czech Republic. Puppies should be perfect for breeding and shows.
If you are interested to know more about this litter, write me at
Pedigree of the litter.

"G" Grey Střípek snů
4. a 5. 2. 2012
DuoCACIB in Brno, CZ.
  Saturday judge W. Mrowiec, PL  
Ch. Fas Lupus Bohemia Genao    male, veteran class   excellent 1, BOV - Best of Veterans  
Bady Grey Střípek snů male, open class excellent 2, Res.CAC Fas Lupus and Dayen's son
Daisy Grey Střípek snů female, youth class    excellent 3 Dayen's daughter
Akron Diamond Tichý stín male, baby class very promissing 1 Fas Lupus' son
Assirius Diamond Tichý stín male, baby class very promissing 2 Fas Lupus' son
  Sunday judge J. Matyáš, SK  
Daisy Grey Střípek snů female, youth class    excellent 3 Dayen's daughter
Fas Lupus & Daisy
Ch.CZ Fas Lupus Bohemia Genao & Daisy Grey Střípek snů

28. 1. 2012
I made photos of puppies from F litter. It wasn't easy to take their pictures. Almost all of them thought that a photographer laying on the floor is a perfect thing to explore and chew on. :-) I really enoyed them.
Little babies are fine. Just as I hoped, they seem to be very long-legged as a legacy from their parents and grandparents from both sides of pedigree. They have small ears and all boys have testicles placed in the age of 4 weeks. Some puppies are available.

do galerie F vrhu do galerie F vrhu

17. 1. 2012
Pups from F-litter got their names. Boys are Fargo, Farren, Feral, Fire and Forest Grey, girls are Fanny and Feebee Grey Střípek snů.
Also, I have different news for you today. Litter G from Dayen should be born in the middle of March. And who is the sire? I'm going to keep it as a surprise now because I must take care of all the work I missed during the last week. A hint: We were abroad. :-) See you next week.

Bady Grey Střípek snů - National show Brno, 7.1.2012 - open class - Exc.1, CAC

All puppies from litter E are in their new homes.

F Grey Střípek snů

Christmas puppies were born. :-)

24th December, Beáta gave birth to 7 puppies
5 boys and 2 girls

"F" Grey Střípek snů
Evander Crying Wolf x Beáta Grey Střípek snů


>> photogallery - parents <<
>> photogallery - puppies <<

Beáta lives in Český Těšín as a family dog.
She is dauther of my Fas Lupus and Dayen.
Puppies are raised inside the house.

Our youngest, Cristine, wish you with me and all my dogs...

PF 2012

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